Sage is used for cleansing, purifying one's self and others as well as an area or space through the technique of smudging. Sage sticks are dried herbs bind together and comes in variations to produce a cleansing, positive-energy smoke cloud in ceremonial and an every day practice. Each fragrance encourages a different effect mentally, spiritually and physically.


Smudge sticks are used in a practice known as smudging, in which the dried herbs are burned to produce a cleansing, positive-energy smoke cloud, both a ceremonial and an every day practice. Made by binding natural materials white sage and palo santo together.

  • Get rid of lingering energy, neutralize a space for meditation, yoga or tarot session, or dispel bad vibes in your home, office or personal space. Use the to “wash” people, property and spaces.

    Types Available:

  • 8" White Sage |  8" Dragon Blood


Benefits: White Sage deep cleanses a space of negative energy and raise the vibrations


"8 Inch Sage

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