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Built on the belief that community is the most essential and productive way of growing, sustaining and moving forward, Heavenly Body Products has been a staple in business. 

Selling various items from air fresheners, burning oils to all types of body care items, Heavenly Body Products offers high quality merchandise to make our customers and their homes smell great. (Heavenly Body Products Retail) is an extension of the Heavenly Body Products Wholesale Distribution Company based in Decatur, GA.


HBP is a key source for many entrepreneurs and small business owners to get the raw materials they need to make quality products. This website allows the same products available to our retail customers via our retail floor at the facility.



We only stock products that are good for your body, your environment and your senses. 

We have provided products for over 30 years, which is not only an honor, but a blessing. 


Community. Self Sufficiency. Growth.

At Heavenly Body Products we believe in building up one another  and are committed to creating, providing and sustaining opportunities for everyone to thrive and grow.

We have created as a space for everyone, noit only feel welcome, but to come  together and take action for a balanced future for us all, filled with prosperity; balanced in our human relations with each other and with nature.

We strive to address some of the big issues of our time to combat an impoverished mindset and know that all gifts given to us are set for us to thrive, because God does not give you things that don't work.

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